The Great Video Game Blog was created to bring useful information to the gaming community. We are gamers who are tired of the useless banter and constant focus on modern gaming from countless websites and sub par Television shows. Our vision is to expand this Blog to become your one and only stop in Video Game news and knowledge, so please help us make this site the site that gamers not only need....But deserve.

Authors/Video Crew:

Robert Slavinsky - Robert has been an avid gamer for the better part of two decades, he started with the Atari (that his brother owned) and from there, it is all history. Some of Robert's favorite games consist of The Halo Series, Castle Wolfenstein, Star Wars: Dark Forces II, Elder Scrolls IV and V, Metal Gear Solid, Super Mario Series, and much more. Look to him when it comes to modern systems, technology, as well as interesting views on what gaming was and has become.

 "Game on Everyone!" - Robert

Dark JesterThe games I play the most are World of Warcraft, Halo series, comic related titles (EX: Batman Arkham City, Marvel Ultimate Alliance), Super Mario Brothers, Star Wars, and Gears of War. My favorite type of game is 3rd person shooters followed by RPGs.

When playing games, I hope they continue a story (if it is a 1 2 3 type game)...if they do not, they will lose points. Also games will lose points if they state something in part 1 but later in a new installment forget the whole theory (EX: In World of Warcraft Arthas destroyed Ner'Zhul's soul trapped in the Lich King Armor to become King Arthas...were in the game he is but a host to the Lich King).

Hope everyone reading my blogs enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing them

Ryan Thomas - I've been gaming since I can remember & many of my best memories pertain to gaming. I love RPGs & Retro games. As a child I was more likely to be seen playing Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy than Mario Brothers. Now, as an adult, I still find myself playing the games I grew up with. I still own all of my systems & games, although I now am able to play most of them on my Wii. I would never get rid of those games & consoles because of the nostalgia they carry with them. I enjoy a few modern-day next-gen franchises, but, to me, nothing compares to the past.

"Dungeon Delve 'til Death" - Ryan

Alex GrantEver since I picked up that NES controller, I was hooked. My tastes have
refined, and currently games I play the most are, EVE online, Assassins creed 3, Dishonored, Battlefield 3, and Forza Motorsport 4. I have always been a PC gamer at heart, but certainly owned and loved my share of consoles. Currently an Xbox 360 owner and a Gaming PC owner.I can appreciate both worlds equally as competitive and neither allows for a flood of lesser games. I buy and enjoy a game mostly for its story, art style, and action packed game play. The games I enjoy the most are first person shooters. Lets face it,pumping rounds into someones cranium definitely relieves stress. My other hobbies are ripping into the other 
guys when they do something stupid, eating bacon, consuming spirits (not ghosts but whiskey).
Well thats me in a nutshell, making fun of idiots and keeping it real.

"Fear the beard!" - Alex

Devon B- More to come

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